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About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a complete system of natural, safe, gentle and effective medicine. It has been in use across the world for over 200 years and every year millions of people are helped by homeopathy. Patients are treated as a whole person and seen as complex individuals, with very specific needs, which go beyond just the physical symptoms they are experiencing. Every homeopathic prescription is specially tailored to match the unique combination of physical and emotional symptoms expressed by the patient. Homeopathy is a truly patient-centred medicine.

Some medical approaches focus mainly on the symptoms the patient experiences and, although this can bring temporary relief, the symptoms often return once the treatment is stopped. By contrast, a homeopath will see symptoms as the result of an underlying cause and, during the consultation, will try to identify and understand the cause and stop the symptoms from coming back again.

For example, if you suffer from recurring headaches, a painkiller will probably help your current headache, but it won’t stop the next headache from coming. Please note, frequently recurring headaches where the pain is severe, or accompanied by dizziness, do need to be checked out for underlying physical causes, so contact your GP in the first instance.  However, most headaches are not the result of a serious underlying cause and, in the UK, 10 million people suffer from headaches each year. A homeopath will try to find out why you keep getting headaches and will ask you for very specific information, such as:

  • What type of headache do you experience (i.e. whether it’s at the front, top or back of your head, what’s the pain like, does anything make it better or worse, etc.,)?
  • When do your headaches seem to come on?
  • Are your headaches accompanied by any other physical symptoms (colds, menses, nausea, etc.,)?
  • How do you react and respond to stress?
  • Information about your lifestyle in general
  • Other things which make you a unique human being (e.g. are you a chilly or hot person, do you like sweet or salty foods, etc.,)

Once your homeopath has gathered the information they need, they will prescribe a bespoke medicine for you, based on your whole symptom picture, both physical and emotional. According to the principles of homeopathy, the medicine helps to stimulate your body’s own healing mechanism to restore health and wellbeing. This makes homeopathy a truly natural healthcare.

Why do people use homeopathy?

A recent practitioner survey showed that patients consult with a homeopath for all sorts of reasons; those affecting many people included anxiety, stress, emotional issues and low energy. In addition there were several physical complaints which seemed quite prominent, such as skin problems, digestive disorders and female health issues. The list below shows some of the most frequently encountered disorders that patients visited a homeopath for:

  • 69% of patients presented with anxiety
  • 31% complained of emotional issues
  • 22% experienced stress
  • 33% suffered from low energy and exhaustion
  • 55% had problems related to female health (menses, pregnancy, menopause, etc.,)
  • 83% had skin complaints
  • 54% complained of digestive disorders or food allergies/intolerances

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Regionally, some practitioners organise free introductory talks in their area, or provide low cost, try-it-and-see, consultations. To find a registered homeopath near you, visit

Did you know that across the world, millions of people use homeopathy each year?

  • In the UK, 12% of the population (that’s nearly 8 million people) already know that homeopathy works
  • Homeopathy is part of national health systems in the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, India and Brazil
  • In India, 100 million people depend solely on homeopath for their medical care
  • In France, 56% of the population use homeopathy
  • 100 million EU citizens use over-the counter or prescribed homeopathic medicines
  • Over 200 million people around the world use homeopathy

That means homeopathy works for over 200 million people each year!

Why do over 200 million people choose to use homeopathy as their treatment option each year?

There are lots of reasons, and here are a few examples:

  • Homeopathy is a natural, safe, gentle system of medicine which works
  • Homeopathic medicines are prescribe according to the specific, individual needs of each patient
  • Homeopathic medicines are safe, non-toxic, and rarely produce unwanted effects
  • Homeopathy can be used by everyone, including babies, children, adults, the elderly, and women during pregnancy – and even animals, too
  • Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medicine and other treatments

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Peter Hain MP says “I’ve used homeopathy for many years and am convinced of its therapeutic value. I first came to know about homeopathy through my son who as a baby suffered from eczema. He had it a couple of years but with conventional treatment the eczema was getting progressively worse and at the age of 4 he also developed asthma. We turned to homeopathy then out of desperation and were stunned with the positive results. Since then I have used homeopathy for a wide variety of illnesses, but I rely on Arnica as it’s excellent for treating the everyday bruises and shocks to the system we face. My view is that homeopathy and conventional medicines must remain side by side under the NHS to offer the best to patients.”