Homeopathy Awareness Week 2023

‘Acute need for Homeopathy’

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Homeopathy Awareness Week 2023

Covid has left the NHS with long waiting lists. We’ve seen nurses, doctors and ambulance workers striking. Getting a GP appointment is harder than ever, and even the 111 helpline can have long delays. 

As a result, patient care in the NHS is suffering, so people are looking elsewhere for additional healthcare support, especially for acute ailments when they need help fast. The homeopathic pharmacies are busier than ever dealing with acutes – they take hundreds of calls every day, and over the counter sales are booming. The Homeopathy Help Now acute clinic in the US has handled 5000 cases in two years.

Many homeopaths already offer acute services. Some have always seen it as integral to their general practice, and part of their work providing both acute and chronic care.

For Homeopathy Awareness Week 2023, 4Homeopathy is starting work to help homeopaths who wish to provide acutes services. It is essential if we want to give patients more healthcare options, especially those who want to explore natural and sustainable options for everyday ailments.

Homeopaths on the Find a Homeopath website will shortly be able to identify themselves as providing these services, so patients who are searching for additional information can easily find them.

4Homeopathy wants homeopaths to have the tools and support they need to ensure they can provide the services that patients want, so that homeopathy can play its part in the provision of healthcare in the UK, providing additional capacity to overstretched NHS services.