Homeopathy Awareness Week 2018


2018 Campaign
Last year 4H promoted 4 initiatives for Homeopathy Awareness Week
(HAW) 2018:

1. Make a movie – share your homeopathy story
2. Create a link – support HAW
3. Join the VETs march – 16th April
4. Just One Drop – live stream

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Make a movie
Share your homeopathy story
Homeopathy Awareness Week (HAW) 2018


For HAW 2018 we invited you to share your homeopathy story – make your
movie and spread the word!

Videos are currently the most frequently seen and shared medium on social media, and short videos (30 seconds to 2 minutes) are popular.

The project is ongoing, but we started by celebrating Hahnemann’s birthday and HAW2018 with some mini movies – starring you (or your friends, family, children, babies, animals or pets)! 2018 World Homeopathy Awareness Week focused on mothers, babies and pregnancy.

To help inspire new patients, let people know about the benefits of natural health, film yourself talking about how homeopathy helped you, then share and/or send the movie to us to share on the Homeopathy Worked for Me page: www.facebook.com/HoWFMe/.

How to create a video:
Use the video camera setting on a smart phone or camera and press record – it’s as easy as that. You may want a question to answer (see below) or just to start talking about your experience of homeopathy when you’re filming. You can get a friend to help film you or simply use the front facing camera on your phone – like you do when you take a selfie.

Messages could be:
– How homeopathy has helped you or a client, friend or family member
– What you’d say to a friend about homeopathy
– If homeopathy has reduced your dependence on medication/improved your quality of life and how
– End with ‘homeopathy works for me’
– Film in landscape setting, not portrait
– Make sure the lighting is sufficient (you may need to turn lights on) and are clearly seen
i.e. don’t film with a window behind you
– Look at the framing, try to get head and shoulders in shot
– Look at what is behind you, film against a back drop that looks good
– Keep it short, start with a smile
– Usually the first go is the most natural and best
– Make sure there are no other noises and speak clearly but naturally
– Hold your hand steady or support your hand on a flat surface (or use a tripod if you have one)

Sending your video
– Make sure you are on wi-fi and connected to the internet
– Click on the movie and then click the ‘share’ icon
– You will see various options e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Email etc
– Upload the video to your social media channels
– Send it to us to share on the Homeopathy Worked for Me Facebook page and website for the HAW2018 video campaign – message to www.facebook.com/HoWFMe/
– If it’s a minute or less, you can share on Instagram if you’ve an account there. Tag us @HomeopathyWorksforMe

Happy film-making – we look forward to hearing your homeopathy story!

Create a link

Share your homeopathy story

Help promote Homeopathy Awareness Week by linking your website to the
HAW websites.

Links to websites help move them up the google search rankings. Please add links to these
two websites.

Also, if you don’t have page about HAW on your website then maybe this is the year to create one!

Please do add the links!

Join the VETs march

Join the March in London with hundreds of other homeopaths and patients on
Monday 16th April 2018 12.30pm.

Demonstration in support of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)
Meet 12.30pm Parliament Square Gardens, London
March starts at 1pm – Expected finish 3pm. All are welcome
British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons
For more details please contact us at: www.bahvs.com

We hope to see you there!

Just One Drop

Live stream the 90 min documentary about homeopathy.
Three live streams of the film. Followed by discussion.


UK / Europe North America Australia
Monday, April 9th Tuesday, April 10th Thursday, April 12th
7pm BST 8pm EST 7pm AEST
2pm EST 5pm PST 5am EST
11am PST 1am BST, April 11th 2am PST
4am AEST, April 10th 10am AEST, April 11th 10am BST


As many of you might already have heard, in honour of World Homeopathy Awareness Week, we are hosting live stream events of the film in three continents/time zones: North America, UK/Europe, and Australia. Each stream will be followed by real time Q&A’s with different panelists for each continent.

This is an opportunity for you to watch the film again, share it with your family and friends, and reach out beyond the homeopathic community. Encourage folks who could not make it to your events to watch the film and participate in the live chat/discussion. Set up screening parties! What better way to continue to spread the message of freedom of choice!

Please share the info your friends, on all social media, and your networks.  We need your help in getting the word out there. As always, you are our amplifiers. We will be posting frequently about these stream events.  Continue to follow us on all social media, share our posts, and create your own.

Together we can make a difference in healthcare systems around the world!